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Grace And Beauty Review

Reviewed: 2010-08-20
Quick site rank and complete review of Grace And Beauty | Categories: Softcore, Solomodel

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gold rank
Our Rating: 90/100

Quality of Content: 23/25

Purchase Value: 18/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 7/10

Content Variety: 9/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: no

Downloadable Video: yes

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Tour Promises

Grace And Beauty promises to be the online magazine for sensuous living, catering to men, women and couples looking for classier, more elegant alternatives for adult entertainment, over 20,000 exclusive images and videos of over 100 North American models of many ethnicities, new photos, stories and articles added every week.

My Opinion About GraceAndBeauty

I've seen a lot of porn sites over the years and when something new and fresh comes along, I must admit I tend to get a bit over-excited. Grace And Beauty claims to be the kind of site that takes a unique approach to erotic art. They offer sensual photography, but they are more or less an online magazine, and this means that aside from photos, articles and erotic stories also make up a good part of the entire exclusive offering.

Once you enter the members' area, you find that GraceAndBeauty has few bells and whistles. At the same time, the design of the site is clean and classy, but without losing an amateurish quality that lends some charm and authenticity to it. There are no bonus sites or any kind of upsells, and all the content is exclusive and wonderfully organized.

The thing to remember about Grace And Beauty is that it's not your everyday porn site. Like a magazine, it has a great selection of sex-positive articles, erotic stories and, of course, very sensual photos - with a new set added every week - of beautiful women. These aren't the glammed-up pornstars you see on any other site, though. They're fresh, amateur, real women, and the settings of the photos bring out those qualities even more. The pictorials often have a candid feel, and even when there are posed shot, they seem very natural. Models are plentiful and diverse, from youthful to mature and from all ethnic backgrounds.

There are 115 models in a total of 371 sets. Navigating the content is remarkably easy. You can sort models by age, by body build (athletic, curvy or slender), by ethnicity or by hair color. The same options are offered for photos, in addition to searches by location (there are 244 indoor and 127 outdoor sets), by season (of particular interest in the outdoor sets) and by theme (which can go from "Bathing Beauties" and "Classic Nudes" to "Great Hair" and "Killer Smiles", or even "Lingerie/Fetish" and "Nude With Food"). Each set contains around 65 photos (2000x1280). They're fabulous well-lit, well-framed shots, but each retains a natural, amateur feel. There aren't a lot of close-ups, although when there are it's never the conventional hardcore pussy shot, but rather the photographer focuses on each girl as a whole. You can download an entire set in two different sizes, and there's even a fully customizable slideshow.

Videos are only added sporadically, but you can still find thirteen of them. They're short five-minute videos that play out the same way as the photo sets, although in this case it's as if the movies are slow and erotically charged music videos that showcase the model's beauty. Even the best WMV (3200kbps, 640x480) quality available doesn't offer a very large screen size, but these scenes still make for a very good complement to the photos.

Final Verdict

Another thing that adds to Grace And Beauty's uniqueness is the collection of erotic stories. There are currently around 75 of them, organized by sexual orientation and by theme. There is also an even more impressive selection of sex-positive articles that cover everything from "How To Get Naked Together For The First Time" to "Every Woman's Guide to Male Sexual Response". You can even submit your own stories and articles. This is one of those sites you can comfortably enjoy - by yourself or with your significant other. GraceAndBeauty is well worth the admission fee.

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2010-04-13Sawa's reviews71

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User Comments

2005 Aug 30, 04:08, NY
This site is INCREDIBLE! The models are wholesome, beautiful, girl-next-door types. Sexy as hell!! No fake titted, plastic-surgerized, overlymade-up porn whores here! Jay GreenMan is the MAN!! His photographic mastery is commendable! The girls are placed in subtley seductive scenarios. They look relaxed, comfortable, inviting... ready to play! I love the naturalness of the poses. No gaped open legs or pussy-spreading. But, believe me, you'll see more than enough to satisfy your voyeuristic cravings. Jay captures the models curves in a way that makes the mouth water! The man is a true artist. Highly recommend this site!

2005 Jun 10, 13:21, Australia
Jay is a gifted photographer.Each models personality and charm beams from every shot.The girls are breathtakingly lovely,to the point where i forget i'm looking at an erotic site.Definately art!

2005 Feb 05, 14:43, Italy
I like the type of women inside the pages. Real women and not dolls

djembe joe
2004 Dec 06, 22:44, Bay Area
Love the site, Great Models, original material

2004 Dec 06, 12:59,
Your review is really accurate. I loved finding models who are not the typical BBBB's (BigBoobBlondBimbo's) that seem to dominate most adult sites. And as for the 'natural amateur' aspect, the girls are photo'd in really nice ways, not just the typical teen sitting on a couch with her legs in the air.

I actually bought a gift subscription for my Dad, since the old codger has just about everything else he wants, and he hates the usual porno sites.

I just installed the free screensaver too and it works great.